Twitch Reverses Decision on Policy Regarding ‘Artistic Nudity’


Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has reversed its decision to allow more adult content on its platform due to an influx of AI-generated nudity. The company initially announced that it would permit adult content as long as it was considered artistic. However, this led to a flood of digitally created nude images, prompting Twitch to backtrack on its decision. CEO Dan Clancy stated that the new guidelines had caused community concern and that all depictions of real or fictional nudity would no longer be allowed on the platform. Twitch’s recent policy update had aimed to permit certain types of sexual content, including explicit drawings and erotic dances, with the requirement for content labels and viewer consent. However, the issue of distinguishing between digital art and photography proved more challenging than anticipated. The decision to reverse the policy change came after significant backlash from Twitch’s art community, which expressed concerns about the overwhelming number of AI-generated nudes flooding the platform. The only exception to the ban on nudity remains incidental nudity in mature-rated games. Clancy apologized for the confusion caused by the update.

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