MrBeast, the World’s Largest Youtuber, Reverses Decision on X Video Exclusion


MrBeast, the world’s most popular YouTuber, has surprised his fans by sharing a full video on Twitter (referred to as “X” in the article) for the first time. Previously, he had stated that even a billion views would not make it worth his while to post on the platform. However, MrBeast has now expressed curiosity about how much advertising revenue he can generate on X. This change of heart is seen as a boost for the struggling social media platform, which has been trying various strategies to improve since being acquired by owner Elon Musk in October 2022.

One of the strategies implemented by Musk is sharing advertising revenue with high-profile creators, a practice already common on sites like YouTube. The amount of money influencers can make varies depending on individual deals, with the biggest names potentially negotiating special rates. MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has promised to publicly reveal the money he earns from his X video, which garnered 33 million views in just 10 hours. However, it still has a long way to go to surpass the 211 million views it received on YouTube since its posting in September 2023.

MrBeast is known for creating expensive YouTube videos that cost millions of dollars to produce. In November 2022, Forbes estimated his annual earnings from YouTube at $54 million. With an additional 120 million subscribers gained since then, hosting MrBeast’s content is a significant opportunity for X. However, there is no guarantee that his success on YouTube will be replicated on Twitter, as demonstrated by the short-lived deal between US celebrity Paris Hilton and the platform.

Some speculate that MrBeast’s decision to post on X is an attempt to prove that video creators cannot make substantial money on Twitter. Dave Wiskus, CEO of indie streaming service Nebula, believes that MrBeast is using his visibility to try to improve the situation rather than endorsing Twitter. The amount of advertising revenue creators can earn may also be affected by Musk’s contentious relationship with advertisers. Musk has had public feuds with some advertisers, including an incident where he swore at Disney’s CEO during a live event after the company pulled its advertising from X.

X has faced accusations of allowing hate speech on the platform, which it vehemently denies. Unlike some of the celebrities Musk has previously endorsed on X, MrBeast has a wholesome image and is known for his charity work and generosity. Additionally, one of MrBeast’s production team members came out as transgender in 2023. However, the success of X relies not only on big brands but also on the support of millions of small and medium businesses that spend consistently on the platform. The true test for X will be how many new users MrBeast can attract.

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