Names of Three US Soldiers Killed in Jordan Attack Released


The US government has disclosed the identities of three servicemen killed in a drone strike in Jordan. Sgt William Jerome Rivers, Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders, and Specialist Breonna Alexsondria Moffett were killed when a drone hit their accommodation. The Pentagon has blamed Iranian-backed groups for the attack, specifically Kataib Hezbollah, and stated that the drone appeared to be Iranian-made. Iran has denied these accusations.

The soldiers were part of an army reserve unit based in Georgia. Lt Gen Jody Daniels paid tribute to the soldiers, expressing sorrow and pledging support for their families.

The attack occurred in Rukban, near the Syrian border, at a base later identified as Tower 22. Over 40 military personnel were injured in the attack. US officials revealed that an air defense system at Tower 22 was disabled at the time of the attack because a US drone was returning at the same time.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman and Intelligence Minister both denied involvement in the attack, stating that regional armed groups aligned with Iran act independently.

US President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have vowed to hold those responsible accountable. Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh reiterated that the attack was carried out by a militia backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of several Iran-affiliated militias, has claimed responsibility for the attack. This marks the first time US troops have been killed in the region since the start of the Gaza war.

US sites in Iraq and Syria have been attacked over 165 times since October 17th. In response to these attacks, the US has carried out airstrikes against Iran-affiliated groups.

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