6-Year-Old Hind Rajab Found Dead in Gaza Following Pleas for Help


A six-year-old girl, Hind Rajab, who disappeared in Gaza City last month, has been found dead along with several of her family members and two paramedics who attempted to rescue her. It is believed they were hit by gunfire from Israeli tanks. Hind was escaping the city with her relatives when the incident occurred. Audio recordings suggest Hind was the only survivor in the car initially, hiding among her deceased relatives.

Her calls for help ended abruptly with the sound of more gunfire. On Saturday, paramedics from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) managed to reach the previously inaccessible combat zone. They discovered the car Hind was in, riddled with bullet holes and shattered glass. Six bodies, including Hind’s, were found inside the car, all showing signs of gunfire and shelling.

Nearby, another vehicle, identified as the ambulance sent to rescue Hind, was found completely destroyed. Its crew, Yusuf al-Zeino and Ahmed al-Madhoun, were killed when it was bombed by Israeli forces, according to PRCS. The organization accused Israel of deliberately targeting the ambulance upon its arrival on 29 January.

PRCS stated it took several hours to coordinate access with the Israeli army to send paramedics to Hind. Recordings of Hind’s calls sparked a campaign to discover her fate. Her mother is now demanding accountability.

The Israeli army has been asked twice for details about its operations in the area that day and about Hind’s disappearance and the ambulance sent to rescue her. A response is still awaited. The rules of war stipulate that medical personnel must be protected and not targeted in a conflict, and injured individuals must receive necessary medical care promptly. Israel has previously accused Hamas of using ambulances to transport weapons and fighters.

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