Shane Rose: Show Jumper Participates in Competition Wearing Mankini


Australian Olympic medallist, Shane Rose, has been temporarily barred from competition by Equestrian Australia after he wore a mankini at a show jumping event. The 50-year-old athlete’s choice of attire at the Wallaby Hill event near Sydney raised concerns, prompting the governing body to review the matter. Despite the event encouraging fancy dress, Rose’s costumes, which included a fluorescent orange mankini, a gorilla outfit, and a Duffman costume from the Simpsons, were deemed inappropriate. Rose apologized on Facebook for any offense caused and expressed hope that the incident would not impact his Olympic preparation. Equestrian Australia clarified that Rose was not suspended or sanctioned but was stood down while the review was conducted. The organization also encouraged Rose to provide his account of the events. Several Olympic equestrian competitors have criticized Equestrian Australia for overreacting.

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