Tesla Factory in Germany Stops Production Due to Suspected Arson


Tesla’s car factory in Berlin halted production on Tuesday morning due to a suspected arson attack nearby. An electricity pylon caught fire, causing power outages in the factory and nearby towns. Environmental activists protesting the site’s expansion denied responsibility for the fire. Despite the incident, Tesla assured that its building was safe. The fire did not reach the factory but damaged an electricity pylon and high-voltage wires. Interior Minister Michael Stuebgen vowed severe consequences for the sabotage, but urged against premature speculation on the culprits. Around 100 activists are camping near the factory to protest its expansion, which involves cutting down trees. Tesla aims to double its production capacity, currently at 500,000 cars a year. Production resumption remains uncertain, according to a statement from Tesla to AFP news agency. Related topics include Elon Musk, Tesla, electric cars, and Berlin.

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