Controversial Spy Cameras Disguised as Clothes Hooks Available for Purchase on Amazon


Amazon is facing a lawsuit over the sale of spy cameras disguised as clothes hooks on its platform. The legal action was brought by a woman who claims she was filmed in a bathroom using a clothes hook camera purchased on Amazon. The listing for the camera featured a picture of it being used in a bathroom. The misuse of such devices may violate British laws, according to a privacy expert. Amazon has declined to comment on the issue. The company recently attempted to have the case dismissed, arguing that it was not responsible for how the camera was used. The BBC found similar cameras listed on, including ones disguised as alarm clocks, USB chargers, and smoke alarms. Experts warn that the misuse of these cameras could potentially break a number of UK laws, including those related to harassment, voyeurism, and child protection. Campaigners argue that retailers should do more to prevent the sale of hidden cameras, as they are often used to violate the privacy of vulnerable individuals.

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