Twitch Overhauls Guidelines Regarding Sexual Content


Streaming site Twitch has announced that it will now permit adult content, such as nude drawings and sculptures, as long as it is deemed artistic. The Amazon-owned site has also stated that creators can now stream video highlighting their “breasts, buttocks or pelvic region.” This move comes as part of a revamp of Twitch’s rules on sexual content, which were previously seen as confusing. While a ban on pornographic material remains in place, Twitch aims to provide more clarity for creators and viewers regarding what content is allowed. The introduction of rules around explicit content means that artists and other creators will now have clearer guidelines on what is permitted. Content that was previously banned will now be allowed as long as it is appropriately labelled, and viewers must provide consent before watching such streams. Twitch has made these changes to address the confusion surrounding its previous rules and to better support its thriving artist community.

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