Pornhub owner ordered to compensate victims $1.8m in sex trafficking lawsuit


Pornhub’s parent company, Aylo, has agreed to pay $1.8m to the US government to settle allegations of profiting from sex trafficking. US officials accused Aylo of ignoring reports that women were deceived and coerced into appearing in videos on the site. The charges relate to Aylo’s hosting of content and acceptance of payments from Girls Do Porn (GDP), a third-party company. Court documents reveal that Aylo continued to accept money from GDP even after becoming aware of sex trafficking allegations. Aylo, formerly known as MindGeek, settled with 50 women out of court in 2021. The company owns other popular adult websites such as Youporn, Brazzers, and Redtube. The recent settlement is a deferred prosecution agreement, meaning Aylo could face prosecution if it violates the terms within the next three years. The company will be monitored by authorities to ensure compliance with factors such as moderation policies and content screening. Aylo stated that it deeply regrets hosting the content and denies any knowledge of coercion in obtaining consent forms from the women involved.

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