Apple advises against using rice to dry out iPhones


Apple has advised against drying a wet iPhone in a bag of rice, despite the technique’s popularity. Experts have long warned that this method does not work, and tests have shown that it could potentially damage the device. Instead, Apple recommends gently tapping out any liquid with the phone connector facing down, and then leaving it to dry out.

The tech giant also cautions against using external heat sources or compressed air to dry a wet phone, as well as inserting foreign objects like cotton swabs or paper towels. Users are advised to leave their phone in a dry area with airflow before reconnecting it to a charger.

While smartphones are becoming more water-resistant, Apple devices from the iPhone 12 onwards can withstand immersion up to six meters for half an hour. However, with the growing second-hand mobile market, many people may still need guidance on how to handle wet smartphones for the foreseeable future.

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