Logan Paul provides partial refund for unsuccessful CryptoZoo game


Logan Paul has initiated the process of repurchasing NFTs from fans who lost money in his failed cryptocurrency game. The YouTube star had announced the game CryptoZoo in 2021, but it never materialized despite fans spending millions on game tokens. Paul, 28, has now stated that he will buy back the NFTs on the condition that fans who accept the offer do not sue him. However, it is unlikely that fans will be able to recover all of their money. CryptoZoo was intended to be a game where players could buy, sell, and breed virtual animals using cryptocurrency. Paul had encouraged people to purchase cryptocurrency collectibles for what he claimed would be a “fun game that makes you money.” However, after selling millions of dollars worth of NFTs and crypto coins, he stopped discussing CryptoZoo and seemingly abandoned the project. After another YouTuber released videos investigating the project in December 2022, Paul apologized and expressed his desire to “make this right.” Now, a year later, he has announced the start of the buy-back process, which he estimates will cost him $2.3 million. He plans to refund players 0.1 Ether per NFT purchased. The NFTs were initially sold in September 2021 for 0.1 Ether. However, their monetary value has since dropped by 37%, meaning fans will still experience financial losses. Fans have until February 8, 2024, to accept the refund, but they must agree not to pursue any legal claims against Paul or others associated with CryptoZoo. One investor who spent $40,000 on NFTs expressed disinterest in a refund and instead wanted Paul to complete the project to ensure that the highly anticipated game and NFTs fulfilled their potential. The investor stated that while he did not believe the project would reach its full potential, it was important for founders to fulfill their promises to investors. Paul had previously promoted the cryptocurrency coin Dink Doink in June 2021, which subsequently lost all its value. He later admitted regret for promoting the coin without disclosing his involvement in its creation and his financial stake in the cryptocurrency. The CryptoZoo case highlights the risks associated with investing in a relatively new and unregulated market, according to lawyer Syedur Rahman, who specializes in crypto fraud-related cases. While Rahman does not believe that high-profile cases like this will significantly impact the reputation of cryptocurrency as a whole, he does believe that they prompt discussions about the need for additional regulations. The level of regulation varies from country to country, but Rahman suggests that consumers may have rights in NFT purchases and similar transactions. However, whether individuals choose to pursue litigation to recover their initial investment depends on the amount they initially invested, as the cost and inconvenience of legal proceedings may outweigh the potential recovery.

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