Bath University Requires Students to Retake Exam After Accidentally Providing Answers


Bath University in the West of England has come under fire after mistakenly including the answers on an exam paper, leading to over 400 economics students having to reschedule their exams. This has caused particular issues for international students who had planned to return home on the new exam date. The university has apologised for the error.

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed confusion and anger at the situation. Despite the included answers, the exam proceeded without any further communication. It was only the following day that students were informed of a resit date.

Many students have expressed dissatisfaction with the resit date, with over 150 signing a petition asking the university to reconsider. They argue that the stress of preparing for a second exam is unfair and that it could negatively impact their performance.

In response, Bath University stated that such incidents are rare and steps are being taken to prevent a recurrence. They emphasised the importance of maintaining quality standards and ensuring that student achievements are properly recognised. As such, students will need to retake the assessment with a different exam paper.

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