Lord Cameron Announces UK’s Consideration to Recognise Palestine as a State


The UK’s foreign secretary, Lord Cameron, has indicated that Britain may formally recognise a Palestinian state earlier than previously planned. He stated that Palestinians must be given a political horizon to promote peace in the Middle East. This is his fourth visit to the region since his appointment in November. He believes that the UK has a responsibility to define what a Palestinian state would look like, and that Palestinians must be shown “irreversible progress” towards a two-state solution.

Lord Cameron also called on Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza, criticising the rejection of vital British and other aid at the border as “ludicrous”. He argued that Israel’s failure to provide security to its citizens over the past 30 years has been detrimental to peace and progress.

While Britain has long supported a two-state solution, Lord Cameron is suggesting that formal diplomatic recognition of a Palestinian state could occur during negotiations rather than as part of a final peace deal. He outlined that a deal would require the release of all hostages, assurances that Hamas could not attack Israel, and the establishment of a new Palestinian authority with competent leaders.

Regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Lord Cameron expressed hope for the negotiations underway and emphasised the need for a sustainable ceasefire. He stressed the importance of political moves and arrangements that could lead to a long-term political solution. Despite past failures, he insisted on the necessity of continued efforts towards peace.

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