‘My AI doppelganger could help me land more modeling gigs’


Alexsandrah, a London-based model, has ventured into the world of AI by creating a virtual version of herself to secure her future in the industry. This move comes as the fashion industry increasingly embraces AI, with nearly three quarters of fashion executives prioritizing AI in their companies by 2024. Behind Alexsandrah’s virtual twin is Cameron Wilson, founder of The Diigitals agency, known for creating the world’s first digital supermodel, Shudu.

While some in the industry see the potential of AI-generated models, others like Josephine Markham Webster of Mentor Models agency express concerns about the impact on diversity and representation. Despite the debate, demand for virtual models and influencers is growing, with brands seeking characters that engage audiences on social media.

The ethical implications of AI in the fashion industry are being closely monitored, with groups like Equity lobbying for laws to protect performers’ rights. As the industry adapts to the rise of AI, it remains to be seen how virtual models will shape the future of fashion.

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