Fitbit Refutes Claims of Update Rendering Devices Inoperable


Fitbit, owned by Google, has denied allegations from numerous users that a software update released in December 2023 has rendered their devices unusable. Over 100 users have reported on official forums that their Charge 5 devices are not functioning properly. While Fitbit is still investigating the issue, a spokesperson for Google stated that the problems are not due to the recent firmware update. The most common complaint among users is a significantly reduced battery life. Fitbit advises users to update their devices to the latest firmware and contact customer service if they encounter any issues. However, users on Fitbit’s forums insist that the software update is to blame, with some urging against installing it. They describe how their devices no longer work properly or at all. Fitbit, a California-based company, played a significant role in pioneering the fitness tracker market since launching its first device in 2009. Google acquired Fitbit in 2019 for $2.1 billion (£1.66 billion). In recent years, the wearable tech market has faced challenges due to the increasing capabilities of smartphones. Earlier this month, Google laid off several Fitbit employees, including co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman. Users who have experienced issues with their Charge 5 devices are demanding better accountability from Google and are considering switching to rival products.

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