High Court Dismisses Trump Ex-Spy Dossier Case Against Christopher Steele


Former US President Donald Trump’s attempt to sue a former MI6 officer in the UK has been rejected by the High Court. Trump had sought to use data protection laws to sue Christopher Steele’s company, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, over a controversial dossier linking him to Russia. The dossier, which contained unproven allegations about Trump and was leaked to the media before his inauguration, was said by Trump to contain inaccurate information and breach his data protection rights. However, Justice Steyn DBE ruled that Trump’s claim had not been filed within the six-year limitation period. The case originated from a 2016 request by a US political consultancy for Steele’s company to investigate potential Russian interference in the US general election. The investigation was funded by Hillary Clinton’s Democrats and other political opponents of Trump. Despite Trump’s denial of the allegations in the dossier, an inquiry by Special Counsel Robert Mueller outlined 10 instances where he may have obstructed justice.

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