Harry Visits King Charles Following Diagnosis


King Charles has been photographed for the first time since his cancer diagnosis was publicly announced, coinciding with the Duke of Sussex’s arrival in the UK to visit his father. The King and Queen Camilla were seen in a car and are currently at the royal estate in Sandringham. Prince Harry flew overnight from the US to London.

Buckingham Palace revealed on Monday that the 75-year-old King has been diagnosed with cancer and will be stepping back from public duties for treatment. The Palace has released few details about the King’s condition, only confirming that it was found during a recent procedure to treat an enlarged prostate. Both of his sons were informed about his diagnosis prior to the public announcement. The King and Queen were seen smiling and waving as they left their London residence, Clarence House, on Tuesday.

Charles and Prince Harry had a meeting lasting about 45 minutes before the King departed for his flight to Sandringham. The Duchess of Sussex is expected to stay in the US with their two young children. There are no plans for Prince Harry to meet with his brother, the Prince of Wales, during his London visit, according to the BBC.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told BBC Radio 5 Live that the King’s cancer was detected early and he remains in regular contact with the monarch. Their weekly meetings will continue during the King’s treatment.

The speed at which Prince Harry traveled from California to visit his father in the UK is noteworthy. Despite previous signs of family reconciliation, there were no indications of Prince Harry or Meghan planning to visit for Christmas or other family gatherings. Until now, they have remained in the US, separate from the rest of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry’s recent UK visits have been primarily for legal matters rather than royal engagements. However, even before this health news, Prince Harry and Meghan, who reside in the exclusive Californian community of Montecito, seemed to be planning more projects and travel.

Prince William, Harry’s brother, has not yet publicly commented on the King’s diagnosis. He is expected to assume some of his father’s public duties during the King’s treatment period, although the Palace emphasizes that the King will continue to perform formal constitutional functions.

On Tuesday morning, the King’s niece Princess Beatrice was seen arriving at Clarence House.

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