Twitch unveils new agreement to increase streamers’ earnings


Streaming platform Twitch has announced changes to its revenue sharing system, with plans to give more money to creators. Currently, streamers receive 50% of the revenue from fan subscriptions, with the other 50% going to Twitch after fees are deducted. Under the new system, streamers with more than 100 paid subscribers will receive 60% of the subscription money. This move comes after parent company Amazon announced layoffs of over 500 Twitch employees, citing financial struggles. The new revenue sharing system, called the Twitch Plus programme, will be implemented in May and is expected to benefit three times as many streamers as the current system. The top earners on Twitch will continue to receive a 70/30 split, while streamers will need to achieve 300 paid subscribers to receive a higher payout. The changes are seen as an effort to compete with rival platforms like Kick, which offers streamers a 95% share of revenue.

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