Google restricts Gemini chatbot election answers: AI


Google has confirmed that it is limiting the types of election-related questions users can ask its Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot Gemini. This policy has been implemented in India, where elections are set to begin in April. The move aims to prevent controversy surrounding AI technology.

Gemini, Google’s version of the viral chatbot ChatGPT, can provide text-based answers and generate images. The company’s spokesperson stated that this restriction is part of their election approach announced last year.

As elections are scheduled in various countries this year, including the US, UK, and South Africa, Google’s Gemini chatbot is currently unable to answer election-related queries. However, it did provide detailed responses about Indian politics when asked.

Concerns about misinformation and the regulation of generative AI technology have prompted governments worldwide to take action. In response to recent incidents, Google apologized for inaccuracies in images generated by its AI image generator.

The company has paused the tool and acknowledged that it “missed the mark” in a blog post. Related topics include Google and artificial intelligence.

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