Neil Young to end Spotify boycott and return his music to the platform following controversy with Joe Rogan


Neil Young has announced that his music will be returning to Spotify after a two-year boycott over Joe Rogan’s podcast. In 2022, Young had requested Spotify to remove his hits like Harvest Moon and Heart of Gold due to Rogan spreading vaccine misinformation. However, Young clarified that his return does not signify a change in his stance, but rather came about after Rogan signed a $250 million deal to make his podcast available on multiple platforms. Young expressed disappointment with other music services also hosting the same podcast he had opposed on Spotify, leading to his decision to return to the platform. Despite this, Young criticized Spotify for not offering hi-fi quality, lossless audio to its users and expressed hope for an improvement in sound quality. The squabble between Young and Spotify is ongoing, but for now, his music will be back on the streaming service.

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