Why Tekken and grime make the perfect combination


Bandai Namco, the publisher behind the popular Tekken series, has released a new single to celebrate the launch of Tekken 8. However, instead of collaborating with a Japanese artist, the company has turned to UK grime rapper D Double E and producer Fumez The Engineer. This collaboration is not surprising considering the strong connection between the British fighting game community and the music scene. Kobi Scarlett, a top Tekken player and commentator, explains that the early arcade scene in London was predominantly black, and many of the top players now work in the gaming industry or organize events. This connection between fighting games and music is also seen in other genres like hip hop and rap. Grime producer Fumez, who grew up playing Tekken, describes the track as a fusion of drill and grime with references to the game. He acknowledges the challenge of creating a track that can stand up to Tekken’s renowned soundtrack. Rappers and MCs have frequently referenced fighting games in their lyrics, further solidifying the crossover between the two worlds. The release of Tekken 8 (The Anthem) is seen as a significant cultural moment that exposes the world to the UK’s growing drill and grime scene. The competitive Tekken scene has transitioned from arcades to consoles and online play, remaining popular through global tournaments and streaming. The game’s international appeal, with characters speaking in their native languages, makes it fitting for a collaboration with the UK grime scene. This collaboration represents a full-circle moment, with artists who were influenced by Tekken now creating tracks about it. Tekken’s cultural impact is undeniable, with millions of copies sold and a strong fan base since its release in the 90s. The music video for TEKKEN 8 (The Anthem) can be found on YouTube.

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