Call for Meta to Label Posts After Fake Biden Video Surfaces


The Oversight Board, an independent body that reviews Facebook’s content moderation practices, has recommended that the company label fake posts instead of removing them. The board commended Meta, the owner of Facebook, for not removing a fake video of US President Joe Biden as it did not violate its manipulated media policy. However, the board criticized the policy as “incoherent” and called for it to be expanded ahead of the upcoming election year. The board suggested that labeling fake content could reduce reliance on third-party fact-checkers, enforce the manipulated media policy more effectively, and inform users about fake or altered content. Meta stated that it is reviewing the guidance and will respond publicly within 60 days. The board also expressed concerns about users not being informed about content removals or demotions and how to appeal such decisions. In its first year of accepting appeals, Meta’s board heard over a million appeals regarding posts removed from Facebook and Instagram.

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