‘Having Alopecia: There’s No Right or Wrong Way’


TV presenter Gail Porter has been applauded by alopecia advocates and those living with the condition after she participated in a photoshoot wearing a wig for the first time. Porter, who has embraced her baldness, said the wig would offer her new opportunities. Alopecia UK CEO Sue Schilling stated that it’s crucial to allow individuals the freedom to explore different options and choose their appearance.

Lillie Goldie, 19, who was diagnosed with alopecia as a child, shared her experience of hair loss on social media after getting a mesh integration, a permanent hairpiece system. Laura Mathias, 32, an alopecia awareness campaigner, called Porter a role model and said that losing her hair at 13 drastically altered her life.

Ebuni Ajiduah opened a salon in 2022 to assist black women with hair loss and provide a safe space to discuss black hair. Tom Spencer from Huddersfield shared his experience of losing all his hair as a teenager and how attending alopecia support groups helped him. Jenna Robinson, who appeared on Channel 4’s Married at First Sight UK in 2022, spoke openly about her alopecia and expressed her hope to one day have the confidence to go outside without a wig.

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