Apple’s New App Store Rules Compared to The Godfather


Apple recently made a significant decision to allow other companies to launch app stores on iPhones, in response to pressure from EU lawmakers concerned about its market monopoly. This move has been met with both celebration and criticism, with companies like Spotify calling Apple’s new rules “extortion.”

One individual, Colton Adamski, has been operating an unofficial iPhone app store for over six years, describing it as a “grey business” that operates on the fringes of legality. With the EU’s new laws allowing alternative app stores, Colton is eager to transition his operation into a legitimate store. However, he has encountered challenges with Apple’s strict rules and fees, likening them to demands from a mafia boss.

Apple charges a 30% commission to apps on its store for consumer protection, but critics argue that the fees and restrictions imposed by Apple are excessive. Colton and other app developers are concerned about additional charges like the Core Technology Fee and the 17% commission on sales. Despite these challenges, Colton remains determined to make his app store work, seeing it as the future of iPhones.

The EU lawmakers have not yet given their opinion on Apple’s alternative app store rules, but Colton and his team are working hard to navigate the obstacles and establish a successful app store in this changing landscape.

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