Craig Phillips: TV Star Terrified as Jaguar Brakes Fail While Driving


Craig Phillips, a former winner of the reality TV show Big Brother, recently shared his terrifying experience when the brakes failed on his Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle while driving with his family. This incident marks the second report of brake failure on this model while in motion.

Phillips described feeling “out of control” of the vehicle as he struggled to brake, emphasizing the fear he felt with his family in the car. Jaguar is currently investigating both claims and taking them seriously.

Another I-Pace driver had a similar experience earlier in the week, unable to brake on a motorway and requiring police assistance. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has stated that they are urgently looking into these incidents to determine the cause and ensure the safety of their clients and vehicles.

Phillips, whose incident occurred on New Year’s Eve 2023, recounted the harrowing experience of being unable to stop his car despite pressing on the pedal. He has since returned the car and called for a full recall of the model as a safety precaution.

JLR spokesperson expressed concern over Phillips’ claims and stated that client experience and safety are their top priorities. The Jaguar I-Pace, known for its regenerative braking system, has been sold in the UK since 2018 and faced recalls in North America in 2019 due to faults with the system.

Despite these incidents, Jaguar had already planned to end production of the I-Pace, its first electric car, next year. The company continues to prioritize safety and customer satisfaction in light of these reports.

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