Gaming voice actors caught off guard by disappointing union AI agreement


Voice actors in the US have expressed anger and frustration over a recent deal between the actors’ union Sag-Aftra and AI firm Replica Studios. The deal sets out guidelines for the use of AI-generated voices in video games, ensuring that voice actors are fully informed and fairly compensated. However, many voice artists feel that the deal goes against the purpose of a strike led by Sag-Aftra in 2023 to protect actors from AI use in film and television. Some have called the deal “garbage” and have criticized the union for not seeking approval from its members. Despite the backlash, Sag-Aftra President Fran Drescher believes the deal is a positive example of AI being used ethically, while Replica Studios CEO Shreya Nivas sees it as an opportunity for AAA studios to access AI voice technology while compensating talent fairly.

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