Ukraine Continues Battle in Devastated Avdiivka Despite Severe Arms Shortage


In this video, which is currently unplayable due to JavaScript being disabled in your browser, Andrew Harding from BBC News reports from Avdiivka, a front-line town in Ukraine. He describes the grim scene of a Ukrainian army surgeon treating a man with severe frostbite, his second case of the day. The surgeon predicts that the man will likely lose both hands.

As Russia’s invasion nears its second year, the morale among Ukraine’s defenders is dwindling due to fatigue, lack of weaponry, and the realization that a swift military victory is unlikely. The field hospital of the 47th Brigade is a scene of constant activity, with wounded soldiers being brought in regularly.

One such soldier, Vadym, 48, was injured by shrapnel while his unit was attacking a Russian position in Avdiivka. He laments the lack of weapons and equipment compared to the enemy. Another injured soldier, Andrii, 24, was hit by a Russian artillery shell in his trench, resulting in a shrapnel wound to his ankle.

The surgeon, Vitalii, who used to work at a children’s hospital before the war, speaks of his experiences amputating limbs and treating shrapnel wounds. He urges the West to provide more assistance to Ukraine to prevent their soldiers from having to face the same enemy.

In the north, two large Ukrainian tanks are seen heading towards the Russian lines. The Russian forces seem to be closing in on Avdiivka, with some Ukrainian soldiers privately fearing that the town could fall at any moment.

Oleksii, a Ukrainian officer from the 110th Mechanised Brigade, expresses his concern about the shortage of ammunition. He fears a repeat of early 2022 when he was wounded due to similar shortages.

Back at the field hospital, Vitalii dismisses rumors of soldiers deliberately getting frostbite to avoid fighting. He insists that their fighters are determined, but the harsh conditions and lack of resources are taking a toll.

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