Duvel Beer Production Impacted by Cyber Attack


A cyber-attack has caused production to halt at four breweries owned by Belgian beer company Duvel. The attack, suspected to be ransomware, occurred overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. Initially, five production facilities were shut down, with one now back online. Duvel is currently investigating the cause of the attack and has not provided further details. The company’s IT systems detected the attack promptly, leading to the shutdown of servers at the affected sites in Belgium and Kansas City. While one plant in Belgium has resumed operations, production at the other four sites remains halted. Duvel, known for beers like Chouffe, Vedett, and Liefmans, generated €583m in revenue in 2022 and produced 230 million liters of beer that year. It is unclear if this incident will impact product supply. The company confirmed to local media that it was a ransomware attack, where hackers demand payment to prevent file blocking or leaking.

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