Suicide Squad creators face allegations of delaying reviews


The highly anticipated game “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” has been released, but reviews are scarce. Developed by Rocksteady, the creators of the popular Batman: Arkham series, the game has faced some challenges. Players take on the roles of villains from the DC Comics universe, targeting Justice League superheroes. Early previews of the game were not well-received, and major gaming site IGN was denied a review copy. Most journalists only received codes on Tuesday when the game’s servers went live. Some believe that lukewarm previews influenced the decision to withhold review codes. The shift from single-player games to a multiplayer-focused model has also raised concerns. Despite these issues, many fans have eagerly purchased the game. However, there have been some technical problems, including a bug that completed the game for some players and spoilers appearing online. While some fans are defending the game, others believe that reviews are important for consumers to make informed decisions. Overall, opinions on the game are mixed.

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