Should Artificial Intelligence Have an Increasing Role in Addressing Crime?


Police forces around the world are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, but there are concerns about the risks involved. A trial conducted by Humberside Police in the UK used AI software to transcribe emergency calls and retrieve relevant information from police databases. The software, provided by start-up Untrite AI, was trained on historic data related to domestic abuse calls and produced a triaging score to determine the urgency of each call. The trial showed that the software could save operators nearly a third of their time. However, there have been missteps in the use of AI technology in law enforcement, such as facial recognition software failing to accurately identify black faces. Despite this, AI is increasingly being used by police forces on both sides of the Atlantic. Concerns have been raised about the discriminatory nature of facial recognition technology and the use of AI to predict crime based on biased historical data.

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