Is the Introduction of AI Pillows and Toothbrushes at CES 2024 Becoming Excessive?


The annual CES tech showcase in Las Vegas is filled with companies claiming to have AI-powered products, but many of these claims are questionable. Motion Sleep, a South Korean company, showcased an AI pillow that detects snoring and adjusts air compartments to alleviate the problem. Samsung also displayed AI-capable household devices, including a vacuum cleaner that adjusts suction based on surface type and a washing machine that detects fabric types. However, the definition of AI is vague and companies may be stretching the term to attract attention and investment. The Federal Trade Commission has issued warnings to companies making baseless claims about AI capabilities. Some companies, like Rabbit, are moving away from using the term AI and focusing on other terms like “foundation models” or “Large Action Models.” While there are genuine AI products like fridges that suggest recipes based on food analysis, the question remains whether consumers actually need these AI features.

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