Wendy Williams, US Talk Show Host, Diagnosed with Aphasia and Dementia


US talk show host Wendy Williams Hunter has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), according to her care team. The announcement was made to dispel rumors about her health. Williams, who hosted the nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Show for over a decade, ended the show in 2022 due to her health issues. The news comes after a People Magazine cover story revealed that Williams is currently in a care facility.

Williams has previously been open about her struggles with Graves’ Disease and Lymphedema. Her diagnosis was confirmed through medical tests last year. Aphasia is a condition that affects communication abilities, while FTD is an incurable brain disorder that impairs language and communication abilities.

Despite her diagnosis, Williams maintains her sense of humor and is receiving necessary care, according to her care team. The talk show host began her career as a DJ and shock jock in New York and gained fame through The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 to 2021. Concerns about her health have been present for years, with the show being cancelled in 2021 while she took medical leave for Graves’ disease.

The Lifetime network plans to release a two-part documentary titled “Where is Wendy Williams?” this weekend. Williams’ care team hopes the public announcement will raise awareness about FTD and advocate for compassion towards those with the condition.

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