Three apologies issued as thousands experience mobile service outage


Mobile network provider Three has issued an apology after over 10,000 people in the UK reported experiencing a loss of mobile service. Downdetector, a service that tracks outages, recorded over 12,000 reports of issues with calling and mobile data. This is the latest in a series of outages for Three, which also apologised for similar incidents on Saturday and Sunday. A spokesperson for the company said that services were recovering following a network issue, but some customers were still waiting for their service to be restored. Three has around 10.5 million customers in the UK, but it is unclear how many have been affected by the outages. Reports of the latest incident began on 12 February, with frustrated customers taking to social media to voice their concerns. There have also been reports of the outages affecting customers of smaller providers that use Three’s network. It is uncertain whether customers will be able to claim compensation for the outage. The outages come as the UK’s competition watchdog investigates a proposed merger between Three and Vodafone.

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