Democrats claim that Trump companies received millions of dollars from foreign governments


According to a report from Democrats in Congress, Donald Trump’s businesses received over $7.8 million from foreign governments during his presidency. The report highlights that China accounted for more than $5.5 million of these payments, which Trump allegedly accepted in violation of the US constitution. The findings are based on documents released by Trump’s former accounting firm after a court battle. The US constitution prohibits presidents from accepting gifts or benefits without permission from Congress. Trump, who faced lawsuits alleging conflicts of interest, placed his sons in charge of his businesses but maintained ownership while in office. The report suggests that Trump prioritized personal gain over the interests of the American people. Democrats claim that the payments from various governments, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, influenced Trump’s policies and decisions. The investigation only covers the first two years of his presidency and a limited number of properties, likely representing a fraction of the money his businesses received from foreign governments. In 2022, Democrats lost control of Congress, ending the investigation prematurely. Republicans dismissed the findings, while Trump’s tax records revealed significant business losses during his presidency. He has since scaled back his business, including selling the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

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