Live Updates Oscars 2024: Hollywood Celebrities Make Their Red Carpet Arrival in Los Angeles – BBC News


This year, Amelia Dimoldenberg is serving as the Oscars’ social media ambassador and red carpet correspondent. She is most recognized for her YouTube series, Chicken Shop Date. Initially, Dimoldenberg began by interviewing UK rap and grime stars in a chicken shop. However, with her subscriber count now in the millions, she also converses with mainstream celebrities over a box of fried food.

Dimoldenberg’s interviewing style is flirtatious, given that it’s a date, but she also brings a blunt and playful approach to her conversations, unafraid of the occasional awkward silence. Some of her recent interviewees include Mark Ruffalo, Andrew Garfield, Paul Mescal, Jennifer Lawrence, and even Cher.

Her flirty red carpet interview with Garfield at last year’s Golden Globes went viral, sparking numerous social media comments about their palpable chemistry. The Oscars organizers are undoubtedly hoping that Dimoldenberg will generate a significant buzz this year to help increase their ratings.

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