Spurs Boss Claims Blue Cards and Sin Bins Will ‘Destroy’ Football


Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou has voiced his opposition to the potential introduction of blue cards and sin-bins in football, arguing that it would “destroy” the sport. The International Football Association Board (Ifab) has postponed plans to reveal information on four proposed trials following discussions with Fifa. The proposals include issuing blue cards for dissent and tactical fouls, which would result in players spending 10 minutes off the field.

Postecoglou questioned the need for another card, suggesting that existing rules should be enforced more effectively instead. He also expressed concern that the proposed changes would slow down the game and lead to time-wasting tactics.

The introduction of a blue card would represent the most significant change in player discipline since the introduction of red and yellow cards at the 1970 World Cup. However, other Premier League managers, including Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Newcastle’s Eddie Howe, have also expressed skepticism about the proposals.

Klopp criticized Ifab for a lack of innovative ideas, while Howe argued that the introduction of a blue card would only add confusion and disrupt the flow of the game. Postecoglou further questioned the need for new rules, arguing that there is no urgent need for change.

Fifa responded to various reports on the subject with a statement urging caution. It is understood that the four trials will continue to be considered, but no further details will be confirmed until a media conference following Ifab’s annual meeting on 2 March. Sin-bins are currently used at grassroots level for dissent, but their use could be expanded to include cynical fouls as part of the trial.

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