US Senator Chris Coons Discovers His Lookalike in German Chancellor Olaf Scholz


Article by Brandon Drenon for BBC News:

A US Senator from Delaware, Chris Coons, and the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, have more in common than one might think. The two met in Washington DC and even shared a selfie online, humorously questioning who was who due to their similar appearances.

Coons, known for his jovial demeanor, initiated the joke by asking “Wer ist wer?” – German for “who is who”. Scholz, who leads Germany’s tripartite coalition government since 2021 and is not typically known for his humor, was quick to join in. He reposted the image on X (previously known as Twitter), captioning it “Great to see my Doppelganger again”.

Beyond their similar age (60 and 65) and height (around 5ft 7in), they also share a passion for politics and a shared urgency to increase military aid to Ukraine. Scholz was in Washington DC for a meeting with President Joe Biden to advocate for Ukraine and stress the consequences of not providing additional aid. He also met with Coons and other lawmakers to convey the same message.

Scholz’s visit comes at a time when Congress is trying to navigate through opposition from Republicans to pass further aid for Ukraine and Israel. In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, the German leader highlighted that the world is watching closely to see if these divisions can be exploited. He emphasized the need to convince citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that a Russian victory would make the world significantly more dangerous.

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