King Charles Expresses Gratitude for Public Support Following Cancer Diagnosis


In his first public statement since his cancer diagnosis, King Charles expressed his deep gratitude for the public’s supportive messages. The 75-year-old monarch, who is currently receiving treatment for an unidentified type of cancer at Sandringham, emphasized the comfort and encouragement such messages bring to those affected by the disease. The King’s cancer was discovered during treatment for an enlarged prostate in January, but Buckingham Palace confirmed it is not prostate cancer.

King Charles also expressed hope that his openness about his diagnosis will enhance public understanding and highlight the work of organizations supporting cancer patients and their families. He praised their tireless dedication and care, which he has come to appreciate even more through personal experience.

While undergoing treatment, the King has stepped back from public duties, with senior royals, including Queen Camilla and the Prince of Wales, assuming his responsibilities. He recently moved from Clarence House in London to his Norfolk residence, accompanied by the Queen.

The King’s younger son, the Duke of Sussex, visited from the US earlier that week. Despite the King’s absence from public view, he continues to communicate with the public. His message of gratitude for the support he has received reflects the intersection of his personal experience with his royal role.

The Queen also expressed her husband’s appreciation for the public’s supportive messages, describing them as “very cheering”. Prince William also thanked the public for their support for both his father and his wife, the Princess of Wales, who is recovering from abdominal surgery and is expected to resume her royal duties after Easter.

The King’s sister, the Princess Royal, acknowledged the supportive messages for both the King and Catherine earlier this week. She attended the Six Nations match between Scotland and France in her role as the patron of Scottish Rugby.

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