Music artists are pulling their music from TikTok due to Universal Music dispute


TikTok is removing more music from its platform due to a dispute over royalties with Universal Music Group (UMG). This includes songs by artists and writers signed to the label, such as Harry Styles and Adele. Up to 30% of popular songs on TikTok could be affected, with estimates suggesting up to 80% of all music on the platform could be muted.

UMG accuses TikTok of wanting to pay a fraction of the rate other platforms do for their music. The licensing agreement between the two companies expired earlier this year, resulting in the removal of UMG’s recording catalogue from the platform. The publishing catalogue deal is set to expire soon, potentially leading to the removal of another four million songs.

Music plays a significant role on TikTok, with content creators often incorporating songs into their videos. The platform has also helped artists gain popularity and achieve mainstream success. However, the dispute over royalties raises concerns about artists losing out on opportunities to capitalize on their following.

While some artists support Universal’s stance in the dispute, others feel the impact of the situation. Cody Fry, an artist signed to a label owned by UMG, expressed disappointment in TikTok’s handling of the issue. Pop star Kim Petras, whose music has been muted on the platform, supports Universal’s position, citing the need for artists to be fairly compensated.

The row over royalties highlights the complex relationship between music, platforms like TikTok, and artists’ livelihoods.

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