BBC News Live: Workers Party Candidate George Galloway Wins Rochdale By-Election


Rochdale has elected a new Member of Parliament (MP), George Galloway, who initiated his campaign with a promise to “teach Labour a lesson” regarding their stance on Gaza. Galloway, the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, is now set to return to Westminster, raising questions about what he can offer the people of Rochdale.

During his victory speech, Galloway declared himself as the MP for all Rochdalians and vowed to enhance health services in the town, which currently lacks an Accident & Emergency (A&E) department and a maternity unit. “No new Rochdalians will ever be born here unless I can get the A&E back,” he stated. In addition to this, Galloway has pledged to support the town’s struggling football club and expressed his desire for a Primark store in the town.

However, a significant portion of his victory speech was dedicated to criticizing Labour and its leader, Keir Starmer. “Keir Starmer this is for Gaza,” he announced, eliciting cheers from his supporters.

Galloway’s popularity among British Muslim voters is undeniable, but with nearly 40% of the vote, overturning a Labour majority of 9,668, it’s clear that his appeal extends beyond this demographic.

Despite having represented four cities and three parties throughout his political career, Galloway is not originally from Rochdale. However, he has committed to residing in the town following his election. With a general election looming, Galloway will need to demonstrate his dedication to all Rochdalians soon.

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