Threads: Meta’s European Launch Challenges Elon Musk’s X


Meta’s social media app Threads has finally launched in the European Union (EU), five months after its release in other parts of the world. The app, which was initially seen as a rival to Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter), gained over 100 million users in its first week but saw a decline in numbers soon after. The lack of key features, such as a website and search function, contributed to the initial loss of interest. However, Meta has made significant improvements to the app since its launch and hopes that its availability in the EU will drive interest and user engagement. The delay in launching Threads in the EU is believed to be due to the bloc’s strict regulations, including the Digital Services Act, which imposes new responsibilities on big tech companies. Meta has not disclosed whether the app has undergone significant changes to comply with EU laws, but it has introduced subscription services in most of Europe to address concerns and remove ads from its platforms.

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