Apple to permit competing app stores on iPhones within the European Union


Apple will allow users in the European Union (EU) to download apps from alternative app stores starting from March. Currently, iPhone users can only access apps through Apple’s own App Store. The company has defended its rules as necessary for user security, but has faced criticism for creating a monopoly and charging developers high commissions. The change will not initially apply to the UK, but the Digital Markets Bill currently being considered by Parliament is likely to subject Apple’s practices to similar regulatory scrutiny. The move comes as the EU’s Digital Markets Act takes effect, aiming to create a fairer market for search engines and app stores. Apple also announced that it will offer more browser choices to EU users. However, the company warned that opening up to alternative app stores could increase security risks for customers. Android devices already allow apps from multiple stores, but are more susceptible to malware compared to Apple devices. The new EU rules and UK proposals aim to foster open and competitive markets.

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