Iran Rejects Accusations of Involvement in Drone Strike that Claimed Lives of Three US Soldiers


Planet Labs/APIran has refuted claims of its involvement in a drone strike on a US base near the Jordan-Syria border, which resulted in the death of three US soldiers. The US has attributed the attack to “radical Iranian-backed militant groups”, leaving several others injured. This is the first instance of US troops being killed in the region since the 7 October attack by Hamas on Israel. While there have been previous attacks on US bases, this is the first time fatalities have been reported.

US President Joe Biden has promised to retaliate, stating that the US “will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing”. Iran has dismissed allegations by the US and UK of supporting militant groups responsible for the strike. Nasser Kanaani, foreign ministry spokesman, dismissed these claims as politically motivated attempts to distort regional realities.

The White House confirmed that President Biden was briefed about the attack by US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and other officials. The identities of the deceased and injured servicemen are yet to be disclosed as their families are being notified.

The drone reportedly hit the living quarters, which could account for the high number of casualties. The base, located in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border, was later identified as Tower 22 by US officials.

In recent months, US bases in Iraq and Syria have been attacked nearly 100 times. In response, the US has launched airstrikes against Iran-affiliated groups.

US and coalition troops are also stationed in the Red Sea due to attacks on commercial ships by Iran-backed Houthis. The Yemen-based group claims to be targeting vessels in support of Palestinians in Gaza, where Israel is fighting Hamas. The US military has previously stated that these actions bear no relation to the conflict in Gaza.

Two Navy Seals are presumed dead after disappearing during an operation off the Somalia coast in January, aimed at seizing Iranian-made weapons destined for Houthis in Yemen.

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