Tesla owners advised against using Apple headsets while driving


Tesla owners have been reminded to prioritize road safety after videos of drivers wearing Apple’s virtual reality headset went viral. US Secretary for Transport Pete Buttigieg emphasized that all current vehicles require drivers to be engaged “at all times”. However, one driver admitted that his video was a prank. Both Tesla and Apple have been contacted for comment. The videos show individuals in the driver’s seats of cars with autonomous mode engaged, wearing the Apple headset over their eyes. Buttigieg reposted one of the videos, reminding people that advanced driver assistance systems still require human control. Apple’s user guide advises against using the headset while driving, and Tesla emphasizes that drivers should always maintain control and responsibility for their vehicles, even in autonomous mode. The Apple Vision Pro headset was released in the US on February 2nd with a price tag of $3,499, but there is no release date for it in the UK. The company has avoided labeling it as virtual reality and instead refers to it as “spatial computing”. Videos have also been posted online showing people wearing the headset on the New York subway and at the gym.

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