The Apprentice: ‘I Prayed Not to Get Fired in the First Week’


In the first episode of the latest series of BBC One’s The Apprentice, 24-year-old Virdi Mazaria found himself in the precarious position of project manager. After leading his team to a loss, he found himself facing potential elimination. During this tense moment, Virdi was seen murmuring “Waheguru,” a Sikh term for God, as he prayed for divine intervention.

Virdi, who hails from Leicester, is the first turban-wearing Sikh contestant on the show. He believes his participation is significant not just for him but for others who look like him, demonstrating that success in the industry is possible regardless of appearance.

Apart from his business pursuits, Virdi is also known as DJ Virdi in the music industry, having appeared on BBC Asian Network and produced a track for the late Punjabi music icon, Sidhu Moose Wala. He joined The Apprentice to showcase his business acumen alongside his musical talent. His business plan involves introducing Lord Sugar to the music industry.

Virdi credits his entrepreneurial spirit to his father and other Asians who have migrated to the UK with little and managed to establish businesses. He believes that the presence of six Asian contestants on The Apprentice this year sends a strong message about their credibility and versatility in various industries.

Despite a challenging start, Virdi hopes to win Lord Sugar’s mentorship and a £250,000 investment. He admits that the pressure of the show led him to make decisions he wouldn’t normally make, but maintains that he is not as arrogant as he may have appeared. He believes his participation in the show can inspire others from ethnic minority backgrounds to pursue their dreams.

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