Charity Reports Record High Antisemitic Hate Incidents in the UK in 2023


According to a Jewish security charity, the Community Security Trust (CST), antisemitic incidents in the UK reached an all-time high in 2023. The CST recorded 4,103 anti-Jewish hate incidents, a significant increase from 1,662 in 2022 and nearly double the previous record of 2,255 in 2021. The report suggests that two-thirds of these incidents occurred on or after the Hamas attacks on October 7.

The CST also found that antisemitic incidents in and around British schools have more than tripled since 2022. Many Jewish schools, including King David High School in Manchester, have increased security measures. However, students have reported experiencing verbal abuse on their way to and from school.

Home Secretary James Cleverly stated that the government has taken steps to address the rise in antisemitic abuse, including increasing funding for security at Jewish schools and places of worship. Police forces across the UK have also reported a significant rise in antisemitic offences following the October 7 attacks.

The Metropolitan Police recorded a rise in Islamophobic offences as well, with West Yorkshire Police reporting the largest increase. Rabbi Benjy Rickman of King David High School believes education is key to combating antisemitism.

In November, the government announced £7m in funding to help schools and universities tackle antisemitism. The CST’s annual report also revealed a surge in university-related antisemitic incidents and online antisemitism. For the first time, there was at least one antisemitic incident in every police region in the UK.

CST chief executive Mark Gardner emphasized the human impact of antisemitism in the UK, stating that the report highlights a deeply impacting story for British Jews.

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