Ring Doorbell Customers Furious Over 43% Price Increase


Customers of Ring video doorbells are expressing their frustration over a significant price increase set to take effect in March. Ring, which is owned by Amazon, offers customers the option to pay a subscription fee to store footage on the cloud, download clips, and receive discounted products. However, the subscription cost for the basic plan is increasing by 43%, from £34.99 to £49.99 per device, per year. Many customers have voiced their discontent on the Ring message board, with some stating they will cancel their subscriptions and boycott the company. Others have mentioned that they previously recommended the cameras but will no longer do so. Amazon defended the price increase, stating that it regularly enhances its services and invests in them. The basic plan cost has doubled since 2022, and monthly charges are also increasing from £3.49 to £4.99. While there is still an option to use Ring products without a subscription, it offers fewer features. Consumer group Which? criticized the price hike, stating that Ring must justify the increase to its customers. The popularity of smart security products like Ring has grown rapidly in recent years, with the proportion of homes fitted with them rising from 4% to 11% between 2019 and 2023, according to consumer research firm GWI. The price increase could potentially impact Amazon’s reputation as a provider of value for money products in the UK.

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