New Photos Confirm British Ship in Red Sea Has Not Sunk


A UK-registered ship, the Rubymar, was attacked in the Red Sea but has not sunk, according to BBC Verify. Houthi fighters had claimed to have sunk the ship on Monday, which would have been the most significant incident since maritime attacks began in November. However, images obtained by the BBC show the ship still afloat as of Wednesday. The vessel’s owner, Blue Fleet Group, stated that it was being towed to Djibouti, but there is still a risk of it sinking.

The Rubymar was struck by missiles near the Bab al-Mandab strait on Monday, causing it to list. The crew abandoned the ship and were evacuated to Djibouti. Despite Houthi claims that the ship had been sunk, images from Tuesday and Wednesday show the vessel still above water, albeit with significant damage.

Attacks on ships in the Red Sea have become frequent in recent months, despite US and UK strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen. The Houthis claim these attacks are in support of Palestinians in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

These attacks have led many shipping companies to avoid the critical waterway, which accounts for about 12% of global seaborne trade. The UK government has condemned the Houthi actions as “completely unacceptable” and stated that it and its allies reserve the right to respond appropriately. US and British forces began conducting air strikes on Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen last month in response to these attacks.

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