China Tech Firm Allegedly Boasted About Hacking the Foreign Office


A Chinese cyber security firm has claimed to have the ability to hack into the UK’s Foreign Office, according to leaked documents. The leaked i-Soon data also includes information on UK government agencies, think tanks, businesses, and charities. Other documents suggest successful hacks of public bodies and businesses across Asia and Europe, although it is unclear if any were compromised.

The identity of the leaker is unknown, and China’s UK embassy has stated that it was unaware of the leak. The embassy also mentioned that China “firmly opposes and combats all forms of cyberattacks in accordance with the law.” Chinese police and i-Soon are reportedly investigating the data dump.

i-Soon is a private company that provides cyber security services for China’s military, police, and security services. The leaked documents reveal eight years of i-Soon’s work to extract data and gain access to systems in various countries.

The leaks provide insight into a “commercially-fuelled, high-stakes intelligence operation,” according to experts. The motives behind the data leak could range from a disgruntled former employee to a foreign intelligence agency or a competitor seeking to undermine i-Soon’s credibility.

The leak sheds light on the involvement of the private sector in China’s cyber espionage campaigns. It is unlikely that the outcome of investigations by Chinese authorities will be made public.

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