PM Concerned About Speaker’s Decision on Gaza Vote


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed concern over the decision by Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to deviate from protocol during a debate on the Gaza conflict. Sir Lindsay is under pressure to resign following turbulent scenes in Parliament. He has apologised for allowing a vote on a Labour amendment during an SNP debate on Gaza, claiming it was for MPs’ safety. However, the SNP is demanding a vote on Sir Lindsay’s future. Sunak described the decision as concerning due to the alteration of Parliament’s usual operations. He stopped short of supporting calls for Sir Lindsay’s replacement.

The Speaker’s position is increasingly precarious due to the withdrawal of support from the SNP, the third largest party at Westminster. The situation arose after Sir Lindsay allowed a vote on a Labour amendment calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war during an SNP-allocated debate. This led to accusations that he played “party politics” with the vote and allowed Parliament to be intimidated by threats of violence.

Sir Lindsay has apologised to the SNP and offered them another opportunity for a Gaza vote through a future emergency debate. He defended his actions, stating that he had a duty of care towards MPs and that threats made against them were “absolutely frightening”.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer denied threatening to withdraw support from Sir Lindsay if he did not allow a vote on Labour’s motion. He accused the SNP of trying to divide the Labour Party and criticised the government for walking out on the debate due to lack of support from Tory MPs.

The Scottish nationalist Alba Party has requested an investigation into allegations that Sir Keir exerted undue pressure on Sir Lindsay to select the Labour amendment.

Despite the controversy, Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey stated that his party still fully supports the Speaker.

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